Stephen J. Fortune

Mr. Fortune has over 30 years experience in commercial aviation.  Over the course of his career he has purchased, leased converted or sold many commercial aircraft types including the Boeing 727, 767, 747, Airbus A300 and A310, McDonnell Douglas DC-10 as well as turboprop aircraft.  Currently he advises investors, lessors and MRO’s on investments in the commercial aircraft and passenger-to-freighter aircraft markets. 

Previously, Mr. Fortune acted as Senior Vice-President/Freighter Aircraft at Q Aviation where he established a 767-300ER freighter program that included a Boeing order for 20 pax-to-freighter conversions.  He also served as Executive Vice President of Intrepid Aviation Partners, where he successfully managed sale/leasebacks, forward sales, freighter conversions and operating leases for Airbus and Boeing aircraft types.  He co-founded and served as executive vice president of Gemini Air Cargo, a FAA Part 121 freight carrier.  Mr. Fortune has also held management positions at Potomac Capital Investment, Saab Aircraft and Federal Express.  He is a past President of ISTAT and the past Chairman of the ISTAT Foundation.  Mr. Fortune is a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Air Transportation Masters Program and a retired US Naval Aviator.